XPLODE basics

The main window

The Xplode window is divided into two main areas, the upper part is the editor, and the lower part relates with the Plasm interpreter. This division is evident in the image below.


In the editor part are shown all the open files. A small attach near the file name indicates that the file has been modified since the last save.


As is possible to see in the image, Xplode has syntax highlighting capabilities: this means that different things in the editor are shown in different colors. A keyword (such as AA, CUBOID, ...) is shown in blue, a number in red, a string in cyan, and finally a comment is shown in gray. All other characters are black.


Another useful feature implemented since Xplode 2.0 is the parentheses matching. When the cursor reached the beginning or the end of an expression closed by a parenthesis, Xplode shows the expression highlighted with a light green background. Plasm parenthesis are round ( ), square [ ] and angled < >.


In case of error, Xplode shows the mismatched parenthesis in a magenta background.


The lower part of Xplode's main window is related with the Plasm interpreter and it's divided into two parts. The right part, the widget with the black background, is the Plasm interpreter's output. The right part shows all the exported objects in the current session.


Xplode has a status bar, the lowest widget in the main window. This widget contains some useful informations: the current status (such as Ready, Searching...) and the current cursor location (line and column). Other two objects are located in the status bar: the Abort button and a progress bar. These objects are related to Plasm operations, see below for more informations.

PLaSM is Free Software and may be distributed under GNU LGPL